Saturday, August 19, 2006

Mark Bagley To Leave Ultimate Spider-Man

From Newsarama:

With Ultimate Spider-Man #100 due any week now and the record-setting Ultimate Spider-Man #103 establishing Brian Bendis & Mark Bagley as the record-holding creative team at Marvel (having produced more consecutive issues of any superhero series in Marvel history, surpassing the 102-issue Stan Lee-Jack Kirby run on Fantastic Four), it appears that the end of an era is soon approaching. Mark Bagley has confirmed his plans to leave the series after Ultimate Spider-Man #110.

Part of me is kinda sad that he's leaving the book. I thought his art perfectly complemented Bendis' script. Still, 110 issues is a hell of a run. I wish him luck on whatever his next endeavor may be. As to who I think should take over, I'm going with Mark Brooks. I thought he did a great job on the annuals.

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